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Grifters Wallet OÜ

Lehe 3, Tartu, 50705

00372 55 609 757

These terms and conditions govern your use of this website, by using this website, you accept these terms and conditions in full and without reservation. If you disagree with these terms and conditions or any part of these terms and conditions, you must not use this website.

General information

  1. Conditions of Sale apply to the Buyer and the Seller, Grifters Wallet OÜ, from where goods and services are bought. Trading in web store is accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Estonia.

  2. Grifters Wallet OÜ’s web store Conditions of Sale are in accordance with Obligations Law, Consumer Protection Law, Trading Act and other legislations.

  3. Grifters Wallet OÜ retains the right to change the Conditions of Sale. Every reamendment is reflected on the webpage.

  4. Getting acquainted with the web store’s Conditions of Sale is mandatory and before affirming a sale the Buyer has to accept these conditions. Acceptance is legitimate if the Buyer has read and understood the Conditions of Sale and cofirms it by pressing “Checkout” while in Cart.


  1. All of the available products and services on the Grifters Wallet web store is shown in EUR and include a VAT of 20%.

  2. There is an added shipping fee for the products, which is calculated during the ordering process on the Grifters Wallet OÜ’s web store.

  3. In Estonia shipping is through distributors SmartPOST and Omniva. International shipping is done with both unregistered and registered parcels.

  4. Grifters Wallet OÜ retains the right to make changes in selling prices.

  5. If Grifters Wallet OÜ has changed the price of a product or a service before reaching the customer, goods are sold with the same price as when the invoice was created.

The purchase process

  1. The product should be added to the shopping cart. You can change the quantities of the products in your cart, and choose the appropriate way of transport.

  2. In order for the Buyer to make a purchase it is necessary to enter the delivery information. After which the invoice for the purchase will be displayed, which the Buyer can comfortably pay for via a bank link.

  3. During the purchase process the information forms must be filled in with up-to-date information

  4. Web store is open for purchase processing from 8 AM to 5 PM (GMT+2) from Monday to Friday.

Sales Agreement

  1. Sales Agreement is enforced immediately after the payment for goods has been received by Grifters Wallet OÜ.

  2. With the Sales Agreement Grifters Wallet OÜ has the obligation to make the purchased goods available for the Buyer and the Buyer is obligated to pay for the goods and be ready to receive the goods.

  3. Unpayed oders are recinded after 1 week.


  1. When the Sales Agreement in enforced, Grifters Wallet OÜ will finalize the order and give the transport of the goods over to logistics partner.

  2. The delivery date within Estonia is up to 5 working days and internationally up to 20 working days.

  3. Delivery deadlines will apply after the payment has been received by Grifters Wallet OÜ.

  4. Grifters Wallet OÜ is not responsible for the delay for the delivery if goods have been sent to the logistics partner in a timely manner or when the delivery is delayed due to reasons beyond Grifters Wallet OÜ.

Return Policy

  1. If purchased goods does not match with the available information on the Grifters Wallet OÜ’s web store or there is a manufacturing defect, the Buyer has the right to return it within 14 days from receiving the receipt for the goods.

  2. Every issue related to the Return Policy has to be reported to the e-mail address

  3. Returned goods must be in original packagaing and in the same state. Money for the goods will be returned within 30 days from the day of the withdrawal result.

  4. Grifters Wallet OÜ has the right to demand 10 EUR for the withdrawal process, except in cases where returned goods have no visual defects.

  5. The Buyer shall bear the cost for any directly not related cost for the withdrawal process.

The use of personal information

  1. The Buyer gives Grifters Wallet OÜ the right to collect and process personal information, which the Buyer has entered and forward the information to the logistics partners for transporting the goods.

  2. The Buyer has the right to deny their personal date collection and use, except in cases where it is necessary to recover a claim arising from the Sales Agreement or the transportation of the goods.

Claims procedure

  1. The Buyer has a 2-year time limit for filing a complaint about the purchased goods. Complaint submitting period starts from the date of delivery to the customer, which is fixed in the commodity accompanying document.

  2. The Buyer has the right to seek a withdrawal in 2 months of the delivery date, if a deficiency has occurred.

  3. In the complaint the Buyer has to present an invoice of the purchased goods and provide accurate information about the deficiency. Compaints have to be sent to Complaint will be processed as soon as possible and the Buyer will be contacted.

  4. If the Buyer detects a deficieny with the goods, he or she has to stop using the goods immediately and notify us.

  5. The replacement or repairment of the goods are agreed upon together with the Buyer and Grifters Wallet OÜ. The cost for the replacement or repairs are covered in-full by Grifters Wallet OÜ.

Grifters Wallet OÜ is not liable for the damages done by the Buyer, when the damages have been caused by non purposeful use of the goods.