Global pickpocketing epidemic


TripAdvisor – one of the most popular and largest travel community put together a list of TOP10 cities in Europe to be aware of pickpocketing the most. Both of the biggest cities in Spain came in the TOP4 – Barcelona and Madrid, coming first and fourth on the list respectively. Rome, Italy came second and Prague third.

Although pickpocketing is mostly a problem in tourist travel points across Europe, there is still been trouble in the local scene of Estonia. To remedy this situation Estonian Parliament passed an amendment to the criminal codex, which made systematic petty larceny a criminally chargeable offence. According to the renewed Penal Code paragraph § 199 a person carries criminal liability, when it’s their third similar offence when the stolen goods have a value under 64 EUR

Bars and cafes are the most dangerous when looking at different cases of pickpocketing in largest of Estonian cities. About a third of all pickpocketing happens on the street and in public transport, which is considerably less than the number of cases in catering establishments. Thefts on the street have had the most media exposure because of Finnish media and victimizing of foreign tourists, although the number of incidents on the streets are actually lower than in other locations.

Where in Europe are you the most vulnerable to pickpockets, Quora

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